Stewardship Pledge

“Love in the Heart of Durham: Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the ONE who send me.’ (Matthew 10:40)

A Core Value of First Presbyterian Church: Faithful Stewardship

Called to be stewards of the gifts God has provided, we support the foundation that enables this faith community to be generous in hospitality and in faithful ministry.

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Financial Pledge Card 2020
For the support of the church and the work of Jesus Christ in the world, I (we) estimate that I (we) will give the total annual sum of:
$ (total annual amount) for 2020.

To be paid:
$ Prepayment by the end of 2019.
$ during 2020.
  • Note: Financial contributions are considered confidential. In making this commitment/pledge it is understood that this document constitutes a declaration of intent only and shall not legally bind me/us if my/our financial circumstances change.


CHECK, payable to “First Presbyterian Church” either during the worship service or via mail.
BILL PAY initiated by you through your bank or other financial institution. This is usually a free service and can be used on a one-time or a recurring basis. This is the cheapest and easiest way to give automatically.
DIRECT DEBIT (monthly) from a checking account. Please note that a new form is needed each year, even if you have used this method before. It is fine to complete, sign, scan, and e-mail the form to Tom.

APPRECIATED STOCK: Please contact Tom Bloom, the Business Administrator, at 919-682-5511 (or [email protected]), for instructions before initiating a stock transfer.
CREDIT or DEBIT CARD Click on the DONATE button on our website ( This can be set up on a one-time or recurring basis. If you wish your payments to satisfy a pledge, please be sure you’ve made a pledge (pledges can be made via the website or contact the church for a paper form).
TEXT GIVING is now available. Please contact Tom Bloom, the Business Administrator, at 919-682-5511 (or [email protected]), for instructions.
CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS from an IRA: Members aged 70½ + who own an IRA may be able to make a qualified charitable distribution directly to First Presbyterian from your IRA and have that gift satisfy a required minimum distribution for this year. Please contact your IRA administrator if you wish to consider this giving option. Tom Bloom, Business Administrator, can provide any FPC information needed by the plan administrator.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of First Presbyterian Church.