Stewardship Pledge

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  – Luke 12:34

A Core Value of First Presbyterian Church: Faithful Stewardship

Called to be stewards of the gifts God has provided, we support the foundation that enables this faith community to be generous in hospitality and in faithful ministry.


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Financial Pledge Card 2017
For the support of the church and the work of Jesus Christ in the world, I (we) estimate that I (we) will give the total annual sum of:
$ (total annual amount) for 2017.

To be paid:
$ Prepayment by the end of 2016.
$ during 2017.
  • Before initiating a stock gift, please contact Tom Bloom, the Business Administrator, at 919-682-5511 or [email protected]
  • Note: Financial contributions are considered confidential. In making this commitment/pledge it is understood that this document constitutes a declaration of intent only and shall not legally bind me/us if my/our financial circumstances change.

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