Testimonial: Vibrant Worship

Our son Ben’s friend Jenna invited us to visit First Presbyterian in 2005. Jenna was five or six at the time of this invitation and we will always be thankful for her great idea. We immediately felt at home at First Presbyterian and are excited that this week we moved to a house that is two blocks away from church.

We have moved our family home twice during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Ben has relocated for graduate school in Michigan and Charlotte is away at Sewanee. During this disruptive time for all of us, we feel grounded, planted, and tended at Church. We have shifted between online and in person worship on Sundays but the messages are the same and it is important for us to have this time to hear and consider the sermons, the music, and prayers. Worship brings a broader perspective to our lives and reminds us of God’s love and his plan for us to love and care for each other, our community, and our world.

Charlotte and I sang in the choir on the first Sunday this summer that we returned to the sanctuary for in person worship in more than a year. We still carry with us the powerfully good feeling of returning to church, hearing glorious music, and being back in the good company of our church family.

— Julie
for the Maxwell family (Julie, Jody, Ben and Charlotte)

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