Ways to Get Involved: Youth


Our youth (grades 6-12) are invited downstairs to our comfy cozy youth room, complete with donuts and a warm beverage station. A team of fabulous adult teachers leads them the Follow Me curriculum, based on the practices Jesus did and taught us to do as faithful followers. From Practicing Joy to Crossing Borders, our youth explore how exactly we can practice a generous, inclusive faith in their real lives. This class meets during the faith formation hour, 9:45-10:45 am on Sundays. For more information, contact the Rev. John Weicher, [email protected].


Confirmation is that time in the lives of young people when the church invites them to take the faith they have inherited – from families, friends, church and elsewhere – examine it in close detail, and recombine it in a way that is meaningful for them at this point in their lives. We start with how we know about God, then move on to who our triune God is, and finish with how we respond in faith. Particular attention is put on identifying our Spiritual gifts and the capstone experiences of writing an individual statement of faith (and doubt) and contributing to the class confession of faith. Confirmation is for current 8th graders and 9th graders, as well as any other high schoolers who haven’t been through it before. The class happens every other year, in the November of odd- numbered years (2021, 2023, etc.). It culminates in May and may include a retreat or two. The Rev. John Weicher leads the class, along with gifted, relatable co-teachers. Contact Rev. John Weicher for more information, [email protected].


There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no long male and female; for all are one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28) All Together Now – that’s our theme for 2023-2024 – as we explore how God welcomes all, how we are connecting in Christ, and what a good hope for the future might be. Chosen by our Youth Ministry Committee, this theme will help us meet youth right where they are, amidst the challenges of middle school or high school and the larger world in the 2020s. We do this through a mixture of · Service, · Recreation & play, · Learning, Biblical exploration & conversation, · Sabbath, and · Worship. All together, that coalesces into faith formation. Youth Group is for young people currently in grades 6-12. Their friends are always, always welcome, as are other first-timers. Usually, we gather Sunday evenings, 5-7 pm, September-early May. There are retreats and other events periodically throughout the year. Sometimes, all of our youth are together, while others, we split up by middle school/high school. There also pre-/post-school midweek hangouts near some of our local schools. We have a diverse and wonderfully fun team of adult youth advisors to support our youth group, led by Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families, the Rev. John Weicher. To see how your youth might get involved, receive a schedule or otherwise connect, contact Rev. John Weicher at [email protected].


One of the highlights of the youth group year is the summer, when our four summer trips happen. Our middle schoolers and high schoolers each have a mission trip and a youth conference. Registration for all four opens January 3, 2024. As in all youth things, if money is ever a barrier, contact Rev. John Weicher and he will work with families to make sure it isn’t. Charleston Youth Mission – middle school service trip, current 5th - 8th graders, June 16-21, 2024 Located in the Park City area of Charleston, Charleston Youth Mission immerses young people in one of the oldest cities of our nation. Participants will learn about the area’s rich history as well as the current situation of the city.  From slavery to today’s racial-economic disparity, at Charleston Youth Mission we will look at the common threads, serve our neighbors, and reflect on God’s call for justice and equity for all. Appalachia Service Project – high school service trip, current 8th - 12th graders, June 23-29, 2024 Critical Home Repair and Replacement. Transformational Relationships. ASP focuses on… ● Making homes warmer, safer, and drier for Appalachian families. ● Providing critical repairs to raise homes out of substandard condition. ● Building new homes in select locations when homes are beyond repair or affected by a disaster. ● Establishing meaningful, long-lasting relationships with homeowners, fellow volunteers, and staff. ● Empowering youth and adult volunteers to take on high-impact home repairs. ● Emphasizing service through mission trips for youth and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Massanetta Spring Middle School Conference – current 5 th -8 th graders, July 11-14, 2024 Massanetta Springs Middle School Conference is a transformational program that welcomes hundreds of middlers and their leaders from all over the country each summer. Participants attend keynotes, recreation, workshops, and worship designed by the Advocates (high school leaders) with them in mind. Encounter Groups provide an opportunity to reflect and learn alongside youth from other places, led by Advocates. Montreat Youth Conference – current 8th -12th graders, July 21-27 Montreat Youth Conference affirms youth in their calling to be and to shape the church of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to help youth come to know and believe that they are the beloved of God and to be a place where authenticity, community, connection, and God’s truth thrive. We seek to be an inclusive space where each voice can be heard and where each heart can be molded; where change is invited, challenge is expected, and where all are embraced. Youth leave Montreat knowing that: ● Their faith matters. ● They are loved as they are. ● They are part of a community of faith. To see how your youth might get involved, receive a schedule or otherwise connect, contact Rev. John Weicher at [email protected].