Sermons – 2012

If the sermon you are looking for is not listed it may not be available. Please contact the church office at 919.682.5511 for more information. Click on the title to view the transcribed sermon.

The Perfect House 01-01-12 First Sunday After Christmas – Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Why Does Baptism Matter? 01-08-12 Baptism of the Lord – Joseph S. Harvard

If Not Now . . . When? 01-15-12 – Deborah Mullen (MLK Celebration)

What Will You Do With the Rest of Your Life? 01-22-12 – V. Bruce Rigdon

Reverent Hearts 01-29-12 – Joseph S. Harvard

A Sense of Urgency 02-05-12 – Joseph S. Harvard

Finding Healing and Hope in Unexpected Places 02-12-12 – Joseph S. Harvard

Baptized Into This, Too 02-19-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday)

Water and the Spirit 02-26-12 Martha Moore-Keish (Lent 1 and McPherson Lectureship)

Pilgrim or Tourist? 03-04-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Lent 2)

Who Are My Parents? 03-11-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Lent 3)

Not Your Doing 03-18-12 Sam R. Miglarese (Lent 4)

Why Jesus Matters 03-25-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Lent 5)

The Passion: What’s on Your Mind? 04-01-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Passion/Palm Sunday)

Going Ahead of Us! 04-08-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Easter/Resurrection of the Lord)

Without is With 04-15-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Easter 2)

Life After the Resurrection 04-22-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Easter 3)

Rejected Stones 04-29-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Easter 4)

Welcome to the Table of the Lord 05-06-12 Sam R. Miglarese (Easter 5)

There’s Joy in the Truth 05-13-12 – JL Klinck and Emily Stark (Easter 6 / Mother’s Day/ Youth Sunday)

Can I Get A Witness? 05-20-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Easter 7)

Listening 05-27-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Pentecost Sunday)

A Profound Mystery 06-03-12 – Joseph S. Harvard (Trinity Sunday)

Who Do You Say I Am? 06-10-12 – Candice Ryals Provey

So Every Kind Will Live 06-17-12 – Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Father’s Day)

Access: Salt, Light, and City 06-24-12 – Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Patriotism Is Not Enough! 07-01-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Jesus’ Toughest Audience 07-08-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Consider the Crepe Myrtles 07-15-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Who is Building God’s House? 07-22-12 Sam R. Miglarese

A Provisional Demonstration Plot 07-29-12 Joseph S. Harvard

The Quiet Miracle 08-05-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Out of the Depths 08-12-12 Joseph S. Harvard

The Gift of Leaders 08-19-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Where, How and When 08-26-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

Habits of the Heart 09-02-12 Joseph S. Harvard

“Welcome Table” 09-09-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Tailgating Jesus 09-16-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth

“Greatness Redefined” 09-23-12 Joseph S. Harvard

“For Such A Time As This” 09-30-12 Joseph S. Harvard

“Beyond the Zero-Sum Game” 10-07-12 Joseph S. Harvard

Thomas the Train Moments 10-14-12 Homer Ashby

Trading Places 10-21-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (National Children’s Sabbath)

Singing the Lord’s Song in the Heart of the City 10-28-12 Taylor Mills and Joseph S. Harvard (Joint Worship with Trinity United Methodist Church; Reformation Sunday)

Saints Alive 11-04-12 Joseph S. Harvard (All Saints’ Sunday)

A Tale of Widows: It Matters 11-11-12 Joseph S. Harvard

A Wealth of Generosity 11-18-12 Joseph S. Harvard (Stewardship Sunday)

Dreams of Kingdoms and Kings 11-25-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Christ the King Sunday)

Hopeful Waiting 12-2-12 Joseph S. Harvard (First Sunday of Advent)

Simple Gifts 12-9-12 Marilyn T. Hedgpeth (Second Sunday of Advent)

How Can This Be? 12-16-12 Joseph S. Harvard (Third Sunday of Advent)

Sing it again, Mary 12-23-12 Joseph S. Harvard (Fourth Sunday of Advent)

The Family Table 12-30-12 Sam R. Miglarese (First Sunday After Christmas)