Sermons – 2017

Some sermons will be available as audio files for download. Because sermons are meant to be preached and are therefore prepared with the emphasis on verbal presentation (i.e., are written for the ear), the written accounts occasionally deviate from proper and generally accepted principles of grammar and punctuation. Most often, these deviations are not mistakes per se, but are indicative of an attempt to aid the listener in the delivery of the sermon.

Click on the title to view the sermon. If the link to the sermon you are looking for is missing, the sermon may not be available for distribution at this time. Also, audio sermons may or may not have an accompanying text version available. Please contact the church office at 919-682-5511 for more information.

Love Your Enemies: The Impossible Possibility 02-19-17 Joseph S. Harvard (Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Choose Life 02-12-17 Mindy Douglas (Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Salt and Light 02-05-17 Mindy Douglas (Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Focus Candle 01-29-17 Marilyn Hedgpeth (Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The Pull Towards Home 01-22-17 Mindy Douglas (Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Amnesia and Heresy; or the Sin of Forgetfulness: Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence, and the Religion of Jesus 01-15-17 Timothy B. Tyson (Second Sunday in Ordinary Time; MLK Sunday)

Remembering Our Baptisms 01-08-17 Mindy Douglas (Baptism of the Lord)

Refuge 01-01-17 Marilyn Hedgpeth (First Sunday after Christmas)

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