Staff and Officers

Staff and Officers

Mindy Douglas
Pastor/Head of Staff

Marilyn Hedgpeth
Associate Pastor

Sam Miglarese
Associate Pastor

Cheryl B. Henry
Parish Associate

Susan Dunlap
Parish Associate

Kathy Parkins
Minister of Music

John Weicher
Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families

Valerie McMillian
Parish Administrator

Tom Bloom
Business Administrator

Robert Daye

The Church Session (Ruling Elders)   

Session Minutes

Contact the Clerk of Session for access to additional information.

Moderator: Mindy Douglas
Clerk of Session: Christyn Klinck
Treasurer: Torrell Armstrong

The current Session committee chairs are:

Christian Education: Kim Abels (vice), Brent Curtis (chair)

Finance and Investment: Carol Carson (reporting chair)

Nominating: Tyler Momsen-Hudson

Personnel: Gray Wilson

Property: Chris Brown (Chair), Celia Dickerson (vice)

Service and Mission: Libby Gulley

Stewardship: George Bernhardt (co-chair), Cris Rivera (co-chair)

Worship and the Arts: Jerry Postema (chair), Alice Raney (vice)

Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
George Bernhardt Carol Carson Kim Abels
Barbara Buckley Brent Curtis Tom Bacon
Sigfried Fullenkamp Andy Henry Chris Brown
Libby Gulley Tyler Momsen-Hudson Lenore Champion
Delia Kwon Alice Raney Leah Graves
Dewey Lawson Cris Rivera Raymond Mbah
Griffin Momsen-Hudson Jane Wettach Diane Prosser
Karen Romines
Gray Wilson

The Church Diaconate (Deacons)

Co-Moderators: Mary-Jo Keenan, Will Chambliss

The current Diaconate committee chairs are:

Fellowship: Laurie  Williamson (chair), Kathy Conner (vice)

Membership: Tony Chavez (chair), Debbie Hamlin-Aggrey (vice)

Pastoral Care: Mary-Jo Keenan

Ushering: Kathy Krahenbuhl (co-chair), Stephen Berry (co-chair)

Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
Amy Dillon Stephen Berry Katy Barron
Catherine Dumas Will Chambliss Brian Castle
Minna Fullenkamp Tony Chavez Matt Cline
Debbie Hamlin-Aggrey Christy Gudaitis Kathy Conner
Sam Henry Wayne House Grace Mbugua
Mary-Jo Keenan Laurie Williamson John Mozart
Elizabeth Klinck Emily Wilkins Bob Pleasants
Kathy Krahenbuhl
David Lorimer