The Church Diaconate

The Church Diaconate (Deacons)

Moderator: Julio Manceras

The current Diaconate committee leaders are:

Fellowship: clergy, staff; George Gentithes, chair

Membership: Wilson Gunn, clergy,; Elizabeth Jones, chair

Pastoral Care: Amy Heit, clergy; Brianna Bennett & Andy Henry, co-chairs

Class of 2024 Class of 2025 Class of 2026
Jennie Belle Brianna Bennett Rachel Bethune
Jean Cary Jane Brown Teddie Brown
George gentithes Thilo Fullenkamp Andy Henry
Mark Higgins Wil James Elizabeth Jones
Jancy Johnstone Ashley Swavely Kathryn Murchison
Julio Manceras Evelyn Walters Mary Ashley Rose
Grace Mbugua Eric Wiebe