The Church Session (Ruling Elders)

Session Minutes:  Contact the Clerk of Session for access to Session minutes.

Moderator: Mindy Douglas
Clerk of Session: Johanna Bernhardt
Treasurer: Torrell Armstrong

The current Session committee chairs are:

Christian Education: Kim Abels (chair)

Finance: Wendy McCorkle

Nominating: TBD

Personnel: Leah Graves

Property: Dawn Shelton

Service and Mission: Tom Bacon (chair) 

Stewardship: George Bernhardt (co-chair), Sharon Hirsch (co-chair)

Worship and the Arts: Amy Wilson (chair)

Class of 2022 Class of 2023 Class of 2024
Tom Bacon Johanna Bernhardt Stephen Berry
Andy Henry Alec Bethune Tony Chavez
Sharon Hirsch Conrad Carter Leah Graves
Michael Honeycutt Mary Ann  Compton Fred Moore
Wendy McCorkle Lucie House Beth  Stringfield
Laura McDow Leslie McDow Julie Whiddon
David Sappenfield Keith Rokoske Emily Wilkins
Dawn Shelton    
Amy Wilson