The Church Session (Ruling Elders)

Session Minutes:  Contact the Clerk of Session for access to Session minutes.

Moderator: Mindy Douglas
Clerk of Session: Johanna Bernhardt
Treasurer: Torrell Armstrong

The current Session committee chairs are:

Christian Education: Stephen Berry, Beth Stringfield (co-chairs)

Finance: Fred Moore

Nominating: Mary Ann Compton

Personnel: Leah Graves

Property: Dawn Shelton

Service and Mission: Alec Bethune (chair) 

Stewardship 2023: TBD

Worship and the Arts: Mary Ann Compton

Class of 2023 Class of 2024 Class of 2025
Johanna Bernhardt Stephen Berry Art Baker
Alec Bethune Tony Chavez Ruby Gentithes
Conrad Carter Leah Graves Debbie Hamlin-Aggrey
Mary Ann Compton Fred Moore Keith Merritt
Lucie House Beth Stringfield Mary Ellis Merritt
Keith Rokoske Julie Whiddon Lanny Pratt
Emily Wilkins Laurie Ray
   Dawn Shelton