Testimonial: Faith Formation

I can honestly say that one of the first things that I grieved about when the pandemic shutdown happened was the cancellation of church services and activities. More to the point, I worried that I would lose touch with my church community. With help and encouragement from our ministers and staff, Journeys moved online and became an integral part of my mental and spiritual lifeline during the lockdown. Not only did most all of the regular members of Journeys join me online, but I made a number of new friendships during the course of our time away from 305 E. Main St. We were a passionate and committed group who all collectively realized that our spiritual community could continue and thrive in our temporary home. The prior foundation laid within the walls of our church meant that we were now able to take that community elsewhere with the same level of trust, compassion and commitment. We are now meeting again in the West Parlor with a wonderful, revitalized passion to studying sacred texts, contemporary interpretations, and reflecting on our own faith journey.

— Eric Weibe

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