May we order more Café Justo for you?

May we order more Café Justo for you?

This Sunday (July 28), First Presbyterian will place its next order for Café Justo ( ). Distribution will be Sunday, August 11.

Can we include you? Just send an email to John Fricks ([email protected]), or leave a message at the church office.

Tell us how many bags (one-pound bags, freshly roasted, $10 each), and specify the process (CAF or DECAF), the grind (WHOLE BEAN or GROUND), and the roast (MEDIUM or DARK).

  • caf, whole bean,  medium roast
  • caf, whole bean, dark roast
  • caf, ground, medium roast
  • caf, ground, dark roast
  • decaf, whole bean, medium roast
  • decaf, whole bean, dark roast,
  • decaf, ground, medium roast
  • decaf, ground, dark roast

Café’ Justo is an income security project launched with a grant from the Presbyterian Self Development of People fund. It is affiliated with Frontera de Cristo ( ), a Presbyterian Border Ministry located in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, and Douglas, Arizona.